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Kiya Knight
Founder, WEightless

Kiya Knight is a sport scientist, adventure junkie, creative spirit, motivational speaker, personal fitness coach, group fitness leader, dreamer, entrepreneur and believes that anything is possible. As a nomadic, bohemian fitness rockstar she travels the world and teaches WEightless fitness to a variety of diverse clientele. "WEightless" is how I feel when I am deeply at peace with myself. Life gets HEAVY. When I'm WEightless my body and mind merge as a synergistic unit and I feel connected and free. This is where movement and thought become expansive and fluid and dreams manifest as reality. Just a little bit of daily WEightless practice makes me feel stronger, sexier and more confident. It fills me up and gives me the energy I need to ROCK my life."

Some things I'd love to try this year:
This year I am breaking out of my comfort zone and trying my hand at motivational speaking and learning to long board with my dog Nube (she pulls and I'm learning how to hang on and keep my balance at 20mph haha!)

My favorite pieces:

Slim Capri Sport Bra